Pennsic XLIII

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Dates:Jul 25 to Aug 10, 2014
War Points:East 25, Middle 20
Who won?: East
King and Queen: Cameron and Amalie
Prince and Princess: Cadogan and AnnMarie
Mayor: Morgan De'ath

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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Hjorleif Ottarsson 08-Aug-2014 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Johara Ha'niyah'yah al Halim 08-Aug-2014 Dragon's Heart
  • Erik Erikson the Scout 08-Aug-2014 Gold Mace
  • Victor of Rivenstar 08-Aug-2014 Gold Mace
  • Reinhardt Wygryff von Graham 08-Aug-2014 Gold Mace
  • Arduinna of Kriegsturm 08-Aug-2014 Red Company
  • Roderick of the Brotherhood 08-Aug-2014 Red Company
  • Sebastian Elgar 08-Aug-2014 Dragon's Barb
  • Atlantian Army of Pennsic 43 08-Aug-2014 Dragon's Teeth
  • Cynnabar Army of Pennisc 43 08-Aug-2014 Dragon's Teeth
  • North Oaken Army of Pennsic 43 08-Aug-2014 Dragon's Teeth
  • Seamus MacBain 07-Aug-2014 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Alexandru Vladescu 07-Aug-2014 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Nyilas Kazmer 07-Aug-2014 Pelican
  • Dirk Edward of Frisia 07-Aug-2014 Pelican
  • Henry Best 07-Aug-2014 Laurel
  • Solveig inn fithforla Thorgilsdottir 07-Aug-2014 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Verena Wirtin Zen Ente 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Heart
  • Brangwyne of Red Spears 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Heart
  • Maggie MacKeith 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Heart
  • Savaric de Pardieu 07-Aug-2014 Bronze Ring
  • Fearghas Buchannon 07-Aug-2014 Bronze Ring
  • Vitus Aurelius 07-Aug-2014 Gold Mace
  • Ixtilixochitl 07-Aug-2014 Bronze Ring
  • Azriel le Fey 07-Aug-2014 Bronze Ring
  • Genevieve de Saint-Malo 07-Aug-2014 Evergreen
  • Edward BrackenBurye 07-Aug-2014 Willow
  • Solveig Sigulfsdottir 07-Aug-2014 Willow
  • Marcos de Ribera 07-Aug-2014 Purple Fret
  • Ragnar Blackhammer of Atlantia 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Amos the Pious 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Sigmund Kittel 07-Aug-2014 Red Company
  • Muldonny McVriw 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Barb
  • Lázaro Alfrediaz de Toledo 07-Aug-2014 Red Company
  • Altan of the Moritu 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Barb
  • Seto Gesshuko 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Barb
  • Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Barb
  • Reinhold von Glier 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Barb
  • Marie Crispinsdottir 07-Aug-2014 Award of Arms
  • Matthew Artairsson 07-Aug-2014 Award of Arms
  • Hadley of Beckenham 07-Aug-2014 Award of Arms
  • Bestia of Vito's Minions 07-Aug-2014 Award of Arms
  • Rebecca von Decker 07-Aug-2014 Award of Arms
  • Allura Crispinsdottir 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Treasure
  • Nathan Gillisson 07-Aug-2014 Dragon's Treasure
  • Alexander von Lubeck 07-Aug-2014 Silver Acorn
  • Vindis Sigtrygson 06-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Ulfr Forkbeard 05-Aug-2014 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Magrat Catte 05-Aug-2014 Gold Mace
  • Lionel Jaysson 05-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Tristan Harou 05-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Astrid Feilan 05-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Collette de Valois 05-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Gaius Albius Lupus 05-Aug-2014 Red Company
  • Eidiard an Gobihainn 05-Aug-2014 Red Company
  • Hildigunnr Halldorsdottir 05-Aug-2014 Award of Arms
  • Midrealm Siege Engineers - Pennsic 43 05-Aug-2014 Dragon's Teeth
  • South Oaken Army - Pennsic 43 05-Aug-2014 Dragon's Teeth
  • Midlands Army - Pennsic 43 05-Aug-2014 Dragon's Teeth
  • Combat Archers 4th Battle/4th Bridge - Pennsic 43 05-Aug-2014 Dragon's Teeth
  • Svenki Magnusson the Varangian 04-Aug-2014 Dragon's Heart
  • Sulla Alterius 04-Aug-2014 Dragon's Heart
  • Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr 04-Aug-2014 Bronze Ring
  • Altan of the Moritu 04-Aug-2014 Purple Fret
  • Cuan MacDaige 04-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Wigthegn the Younger 04-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Seto Gesshuko 04-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Kari Garanhirson 04-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Bainard Grey 04-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Edward the Red 04-Aug-2014 Dragon's Tooth
  • Cynnabar - Opening Ceremonies Dias Set up Team 04-Aug-2014 Purple Fretty
  • Sternfeld Rapier Team 04-Aug-2014 Dragon's Teeth

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