Pennsic XLV

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Dates:July 29 to Aug 14, 2016
War Points:East 24, Middle 3
Who won?: East
King and Queen: Cameron and Amalie
Prince and Princess: Edmund V and Kateryn V
Mayor: Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy

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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Adam CarMychel 12-Aug-2016 Defence
  • nerissa della badessa 12-Aug-2016 Defence
  • Adam MacAoidh 12-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Sugawara no Tokihira 12-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Finn O'Daniel 12-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Seto Gesshuko 12-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Josef Blayde 12-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Aelius of Vito's Minions 12-Aug-2016 Award of Arms
  • Tarquin of Vito's Minions 12-Aug-2016 Award of Arms
  • Pentamere Rapier Fighters at Pennsic 45 Field Battle 12-Aug-2016 Dragon's Teeth
  • Talymar gan y Lluwynn 11-Aug-2016 Laurel
  • EikBrandr Solgyafi 11-Aug-2016 Laurel
  • Gebhard Rauten 11-Aug-2016 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Elizabethe Alles 11-Aug-2016 Laurel
  • Darius Lowen 11-Aug-2016 Defence
  • Gianna Vettori 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Heart
  • Ulrich Halfdan Ulfsson 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Heart
  • Mei Li 11-Aug-2016 Gold Mace
  • Gunnar Redboar 11-Aug-2016 Evergreen
  • Solveig Sigulfsdottir 11-Aug-2016 Evergreen
  • Magnus Refsson 11-Aug-2016 Gold Mace
  • Frodi Ketilsson 11-Aug-2016 Willow
  • Heather Marie Hall 11-Aug-2016 Silver Oak
  • Abacus Sifu 11-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Virus of Vito's Minions 11-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Theomderyc of Earth’s End 11-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Niklas Pealstrom 11-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Atsur Heikan 11-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Marcus Pinarius Draconarius 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Avanger of Brendoken 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Rorik of the Brotherhood 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Konrad der Lowe von Ulm 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Taisiia Volodimerna 11-Aug-2016 Cavendish Knot
  • Eliahu ben Itzhak 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Corvus Aurelius Corvenus 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Robert ap Llywelyn Cynwyd Fawr 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Ragnvaldr 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Muirgen inghean Conamhail 11-Aug-2016 Award of Arms
  • Thelvald Aylwin 11-Aug-2016 Award of Arms
  • Maximilian Burns 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Treasure
  • Arch Teryx 11-Aug-2016 Royal Augmentation of Arms
  • Shire of Talonval 11-Aug-2016 Dragon's Teeth
  • Thorin Eikskjald 09-Aug-2016 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Raphael di Merisi 09-Aug-2016 Bronze Ring
  • Robert ap Llywelyn Cynwyd Fawr 09-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Arch Teryx 09-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Arnora in Skarpa 09-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Johan Bez Spoudnia 09-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Moira Eiriksdottir 09-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Necu Hawke 09-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Rapier Unit of the Shire of Falcon's Quarry 09-Aug-2016 Dragon's Teeth
  • Defenders of the Ruined Tower Pennsic 45 09-Aug-2016 Dragon's Teeth
  • Onund Ullrson 08-Aug-2016 Dragon's Tooth
  • Garm Lutrson 08-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Brandr Lutrson 08-Aug-2016 Red Company
  • Vito's Minions 08-Aug-2016 Dragon's Teeth
  • Pennsic 45 Belted Champions Team 07-Aug-2016 Dragon's Teeth

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

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