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Status:Current Member
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Resides:Canton of Rimsholt

Per pale vert and azure, a mullet of nine points Or and a chief engrailed argent.



Dame Estelle de la Mer is from the Catalan Region between Spain and France, and lives in the early 14th Century. She is married to Jean Yves de Chierebourg, who is from Tolouse.

In the SCA, she lives in the Barony of Andelcrag in the Pentamere Region of the Middle Kingdom. Her first event was Val Day 1999.

At Pennsic 2010, she took a green belt from Baroness Mistress Dulcinea Maria Magdalena von Muhlberg y Aguilar as an apprentice in calligraphy and illumination. She was elevated to the Order of the Laurel at Pennsic 44.

In 2019, Estelle entered into a Pelican/Associate relationship with Sarafina Sinclair.

Her apprentices are Tommaso Franceschi and Wilhelm Salzburger.

Awards and Achievements

  • (09 Feb 2019) Award of the Purple Fret
  • (06 Aug 2015) Order of the Laurel
  • (27 Sep 2014) Baroness of the Court of Cameron and Amalie
  • (06 Jun 2013) Award of the Dragon's Heart
  • (25 May 2013) 1st Place Illumination, Kingdom A&S
  • (20 Jan 2013) Award of the Butterfly (Andelcrag Baronial)
  • (20 Oct 2012) Order of the Evergreen
  • (26 May 2012) 1st Place Illumination, Kingdom A&S
  • (18 Oct 2008) Award of the Purple Fret
  • (31 Aug 2008) Companion of the Guardant Ram (Andelcrag Baronial)
  • (05 Jan 2008) Companion of the Salient Hart (Andelcrag Baronial)
  • (11 Feb 2006) Order of the Willow
  • (09 Feb 2001) Award of Arms

Offices & Positions

Offices Held

  • (2019 - pres) Midrealm Cartographer
  • (2018 - pres) Deputy to the Kingdom Librarian
  • (2018 - pres) Midrealm Help Desk
  • (2007 - pres) At-large webminister, various Midrealm directories
  • (2018 - 2020) Rouge Scarpe Herald (External Submissions Herald of the Midrealm)
  • (2014 - 2017) Dragon Signet of the Midrealm
  • (2011 - 2017) Webminister, Canton of Rimsholt
  • (2011 - 2014) MOAS, Canton of Rimsholt
  • (2012 - 2014) Escutcheon Herald (Internal Submissions Herald of the Midrealm)
  • (06 Jun 2013) Arts & Sciences Champion, Barony of Andelcrag
  • (15 Jun 2013) Autocrat, Baronial Border War 30
  • (15 Jun 2012) Autocrat, Baronial Border War 29
  • (2010 - 2011) Deputy Regional Signet (Pentamere)
  • (19 Jun 2010) Autocrat, Baronial Border War 27
  • (2006 - 2009) Thuban Herald of the Midrealm (Silent Herald Coordinator)
  • (2007 - 2008) Webminister, Templemede
  • (2001 - 2003) MOAS, Fearann ne Criche



Device Family Badge Personal Badge Apprentice's Badge
(Fieldless) A sea-mew bendy azure and argent. (Fieldless) A scarab per pall argent, vert and azure.
"Per pale vert and azure, a mullet of nine points or and a chief engrailed argent." "Bendy azure and argent vetu ploye vert." "(Fieldless) An albatross volant contourney bendy azure and argent." "(Fieldless) A scarab per pall argent, vert and azure."

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Estelle loves to make things! She gleefully tries new things and loves learning how to make stuff. She also loves to dance, knit, make hairnets, and play card games. She enjoys heraldry, cooking and retaining. She has a blog where she talks about heraldic practice in the Midrealm.

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