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Baronial Border War a very large camping event traditionally held Father's Day Weekend, at Bertha Brock Park in Ionia, MI. It is hosted by the Canton of Rimsholt, in the Barony of Andelcrag. It marks the annual competition between the two neighboring Baronies, Andelcrag and Northwoods.

The first Baronial Border War was held in 1984. Since then, the event has grown to an average of 600-700 attendees each year over the course of the three-day event.

Traditions at Baronial Border War include the Friday Torchlight Tourney, a large field battle on Saturday, and the Saturday Night Hafla.

Border War's Beginnings

Hear the words of Baron Daibre, who was there at the beginning:

It was during the Reign of King Andrew of SeldomRest that the humble folk living in the borderland began this long-standing contest of arms. Being situated on the lands bordering both the Barony of Andelcrag and the Barony of Northwoods, the Incipient Canton of the Three Walls was being approached by both with calls to pledge their allegiance. With (almost literally) one foot in each camp, this was a difficult choice for the people of Three Walls. It so happened that these folk were hoping to organize an event of some kind, and it occurred to them to have a contest -- and to the defeated go the "spoils" (of the Canton).

Of that original populace, few remain, and most in other places. Only Baron Daibre (long before receiving his coronet) and the seldom-seen Adr "Moondog" Dractian live there still. Arn "Slyme" ap Pearwick and "JP" aka "Belrung" were also counted in that number.

And so, in mid-summer, in the midst of an orchard known as "Swine's Breath Hollow", they arranged the contest of arms for the Canton!

Through the influence of a close friend called "Dur of Hidden Mountain" (who had the ear of the King), His Majesty Andrew attended this humble gathering.

There, too, were folk from Silver Swords (a defunct group around Battle Creek), Three Hills, Northwoods, and the newly-established Shire of Cynnabar. A bit of fighting was had (little more than a melee or two), and a meager feast of underdone chicken, and then it began to rain. All night. King Andrew held a short court under a crowded canopy and there bestowed Awards of Arms to Daibre and Belrung, and after some modest revelry, the few remaining slept.

The contest was not decided that day by superior arms, but by counsel and argument, and with the advice of His Majesty, Three Walls allied themselves henceforward with Andelcrag.

Also based on Royal Counsel and encouragement thereafter from Baron Fum of Andelcrag (aka Aerdigwidder von Zauberburg), the populace of Three Walls began plance so establish this "Baronial Border War" as an annual event, a reoccurring contest between the two honored neighbors and their allies.

And so, the following year, plans were considered and sites visited and astrologers consulted. Finally it was decided to approach the Civil Authorities for permission to host the event at Bertha Brock Park, a county park, where there was a fine battlefield, camping, a healthy stream and easy access for travellers.

And so, it came to pass that Daibre and Belrun went before the Magistrates of the County (the County Board of Commissioners) in the early months of the year. They presented their plans, showed them the evidence of other events of its kind in words and images, and personal accounts. And to their joy and amazement, the civil authorities proved to be completely supportive of the plan (if not entirely enthusiastic). They offered a few suggestions, laid down some restrictions and guidelines, but overall accepted the "Baronial Border War" for a weekend in early summer.

As often is the case, the host group made a few miscalculations, and some plans proved to be too ambitious... or not ambitious enough. At its conclusion, the First Baronial Border War was a dichotomy of success and failure. Fun was had, food was good, weather was agreeable -- but the expenses were excessive and therefore much personal debt was incurred.

BUT the successes outweighed the failures, and the populace of Three Walls, Andelcrag and Northwoods alike were in agreement: This annual contest was to be continued!

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