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Dragon Principal Herald of the Middle Kingdom

Office badge
Alzbeta Michalik

since July 2020
AppointerThe Crown of the Middle Kingdom
Term lengthTwo years extendable to three

Each Kingdom has its own College of Heralds (CoH). In the Middle Kingdom the Dragon Principal Herald is the leader of the CoH. The body of the college consists of all warranted group pursuivants, at-larges, and senior titled heralds. The purpose of the CoH is to promote the practice of heraldry within our kingdom. The duties of the local pursuivants are listed elsewhere in this resource.

The chief heraldic officer of the Middle Kingdom, more formally Dragon Principal Herald.

The Dragon Herald is a Great Officer of State, a member of the Curia Regis. He reports to the Laurel King of Arms at the Society for Creative Anachronism level and is a member of the SCA College of Arms. He also manages the Middle Kingdom College of Heralds and maintains a roster of all the kingdom's heralds and pursuivants.

Dragon Herald is responsible for presiding at most of the major ceremonial events of the kingdom, such as Crown Tournament, Coronation and the Pennsic War, or delegating this duty to another officer.

Dragon often signs him/herself "Draco".

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