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Household Heraldry

Gules, six towers three and three argent
Head of Household:Vitus Aurelius
Household Seat:Barony of Cleftlands



Vito's Minions are SCA armored combat fighters who fight for Vitus Aurelius, aka Vito, a Captain in Red Company who fights for the Midrealm.

The Minions are a Roman SCA household, with members portraying personae from various regions and periods.

Vito, and most of the Minions, live in northeast Ohio, and are often seen at Cleftlands and Falcon's Quarry practices. A few live in western Pennsylvania.

The Minions, as a unit, differ from most SCA households in several respects:


Vito names each recruit once that recruit completes their first authorization, typically weapon and shield authorization, which allows that recruit to fight in armored combat melees. Most SCA members choose their own name and persona.


The Minions unit provides armor to the fighters. The armor is plastic, based on Roman lorica segmentata, and is painted to look metallic. Most armored combatants in other groups have to acquire their own armor.


Vito requires no oaths or fealty from his Minions. This means Minions are free to become squires to knights, move to other households or fight for other units. Vito's Minions usually fight with House Darkyard at large melee events. Most Minions attend the annual Pennsic War, and most Minions attending war camp at Vito's camp, Villa Vino.

Active Members of Vito's Minions

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