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A tournament held periodically to give unbelted fighters the opportunity to fight against members of the Chivalry in a relaxed, non-competitive format. Often referred to simply as a TOC, or a Chiv Tourney.

Traditionally, the event is conducted as a Bear-pit tournament (but without the keeping of any points or tallies of victories), all members of the chivalry present holding the field against all (unbelted) comers. Fights are often best of three or one all-out "crown round." The unbelted fighter and the member of the chivalry have the chance to fight and discuss the fights in a teaching environment -- unlike most tournaments. Knights often use the time to evaluate the prowess of certain unbelted fighters -- and vice versa.

Since its inception as an all-fighting event, TOCs have expanded their offerings to include arts and sciences displays, classes and other non-fighting activities.

Commentary on the Name

A question that has previously arisen is, "Why call this a tournament?" For many people, a tournament includes a contest in which there is a victor. However, the event conforms to another somewhat historical meaning of the word:

3. b. a meeting at an appointed time and place for the performance of knightly exercises and sports.


The Tournament of Chivalry was created by King Brannos and Queen Rebekah I in 1994. At the time it was a popular misconception that an unbelted fighter must fight in Crown Tournament and do well to catch the attention of the Chivalry. The TOC gave unbelts an opportunity to showcase their prowess -- leaving Crown Tournament to those participants who truly desired to become King or Queen.

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