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Lady Rose at Border Raids 2018
Resides:Barony of Flaming Gryphon
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Registered: per pale purpure and sable, a winged unicorn segreant contourny and in chief three roses argent



11th Century Norman

Offices & Positions

South Oaken Equestrian Marshal

Equestrian Champion of Alric of the Mists and Katherine Vivian, 97th Reign of the Middle Kingdom
Group Equestrian Marshal, Barony of Fenix
Webminister, Barony of Fenix


Equerry to THL Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars
A&S Student to Her Excellency Verena Entenwirth
Member House Stahlgeist

Her Noble Steed

Harlequin Playboy’s Special Edition; mundanely known as “Heffie”, known in the Society as “Sir Heffsalot”
2009 Gypsy Cob Gelding
Registered with the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association and the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
Trained by Lady Rose de la Cumbe
Trained in mounted games, mounted archery, driving, mounted combat, jousting, trail riding, and obstacles.


Award of the Royal Vanguard     29 Sep, 2018 (A.S. 52)
Award of the Purple Fret       14 Apr, 2018(A.S. 52)
Order of the Willow          02 Dec, 2017 (A.S. 52)
Order of the White Chamfron      02 Apr, 2016 (A.S. 50)
Award of the Purple Fret       10 Oct, 2015 (A.S. 50)
Award of the Dragon's Tooth       03 Aug, 2015 (A.S. 50)
Award of Arms            18 Apr, 2015 (A.S. 49)

Interests and SCA-Related Hobbies


  • Equestrian
  • Archery
  • Heavy Fighting


  • Mounted Archery
  • Jousting
  • Mounted Combat
  • Driving


Heavy Fighting

  • Polearm
  • Spear
  • Two Weapon
  • Great Sword
  • Combat Archery


  • Leatherworking
  • Fiber Arts (Embroidery, Weaving, Spinning, Fiber Processing...)
  • Garb Construction
  • Casting / Coining

Classes Available to Teach

Class Title Subject Description
Participating in Equestrian Activities WITHOUT Horse Ownership Equestrian What’s keeping you from trying out the SCA’s Equestrian Activities? If you think it’s not owning a horse – listen up. There are plenty of ways to participate in Equestrian Activities without owning your own horse; with a little time and effort, you could be an authorized equestrian. This class will cover horse etiquette, equestrian activities offered in the SCA, equipment used in our Eq. activities, how to participate as Ground Crew, and even what you need to know and do to get authorized.
Beginning Leather Tooling Leather Working This class will cover the basic tools and techniques helpful in learning leather tooling. We will cover transferring patterns, tools for different jobs, and the basic steps of tooling.
Basic Inkle Weaving Weaving Learn how to weave a basic two line pattern, including warping your loom, pattern resources, and material suggestions.
Pickup Weaving Weaving Are you familiar with inkle weaving and you want to learn a method with more design possibilities? Pickup weaving is a great alternative to tablet weaving – it does not require any additional materials (like cards) and is still able to produce beautiful designs. This class will be a demo style; we will cover the difference in technique between inkle and pickup, warping the loom, the basics of pickup weaving, pattern resources, and how to create patterns. This class will be most beneficial if you already know the basics of inkle weaving.


[Rose de la Cumbe - Authorizations]

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