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Photo taken by Roisin de Burgh
Status:Current Member
Preferred Title:Bantiarna/Lady
Resides:Barony of the Fenix
Awards:Award of Arms (2021)
Purple Fret (2022)

Or, a chevron gules between two roses proper and a pen sable.

Roisin de Burgh is pronounced: Row-sheen duh Berg
Pronouns are she/her



Roisin de Burgh is an Irish lady married to Gabriel de Burgh. Focus is currently on the 14th century. Also named Roisin inghean ui Dubhagain

Other personas: Viking Age Norse lady (Jódís Hróðgeirsdottir)

Awards & Honors

Barony Awards

Award of the Golden Feather - Fenix Baronial Award, awarded January 4, 2020 AS54
Award of the Risen Fenix for service - Fenix Baronial Award, awarded September 6, 2020 AS55
Order of the Fenix Crest - Fenix Baronial Order, awarded January 13, 2024 AS58

Kingdom Awards

Royal University of the Midrealm Degree - Licentiate with a focus on College of SCA & Historic Topics, awarded August 29, 2020 AS55
Royal University of the Midrealm Degree - Graduate, awarded May 15, 2021 AS56
Award of Arms - Middle Kingdom Award, awarded September 18, 2021 AS56
Award of the Purple Fret - Middle Kingdom Award, awarded December 3, 2022 AS57

Offices & Positions

Barony of Fenix Quartermaster (late 2019-current)
Barony of Fenix Chronicler (May 2021-current)
Barony of Fenix co-A&S Champion (January 2023-January 2024)

Affiliations & Relationships

Married to Gabriel de Burgh

Dependents/Dependent of

Households & Guilds


First event was Barony of Flame's Christmas Tourney in December 2018
Blog of SCA Experience and aid to new members: Quill Tipped Rose
Mother of 2


(Fieldless) In bend a pen bendwise Or conjoined to a rose gules.

Per pale gules and vert, a stag trippant Or.

Per pale gules and vert, a bee proper.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Embroidery and the Fiber Arts

A&S Projects can be found at Roisins Quill

Classes Taught

Projects & Publications

In Case of Court

Please give advanced notice if attendance is requested for court. This will allow us to plan for court with children.
I do have physical limitations and require use of mobility aids (scooter, wheelchair, cane) so please know that accessibility is needed.

Scroll Preferences

Irish/Scottish inspirations are appreciated.

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