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The Chronicler is the officer in charge of creating, editing, printing, and distributing a group's newsletter. They may also be in charge of taking minutes at meetings.
In the Middle Kingdom, it is one of the Great Officers of State
The badge of the Chronicler's office is Per pale sable and argent, two quills conjoined in pile counterchanged, a chief gules. or in layman's terms: black and white and red all over.

The Chronicler has the following offices as deputies:


A Kingdom Chronicler should have

  • Experience with writing or editing
  • Balance and judgement in matters political
  • A working telephone
  • Regular contact with Kingdom activities
  • Reliable email/internet access
  • Ability to meet ongoing requirements of the Kingdom Chronicler position

A Baronial or Local Group Chronicler should

  • Be able to take meeting minutes/notes
  • Be able to use a word processor to create a newsletter

All Chroniclers must be warranted.


Responsibilities of the Chronicler include

  • Regular publishing of the newsletter (Monthly for Kingdom, Quarterly for Local groups)
  • Reporting, which is now done online
  • Obtaining releases for content used in publications

Additional information about being a chronicler can be found at

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