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The various appurtenances of the sovereigns such as crowns, thrones and banners, but also more generally all heraldic and ceremonial props and objects meant for use by any officers, ceremonial officials or territorial branches or households. For the king and queen.

Some regalia is regarded as particularly venerable, such as 'the ancient and honorable' crowns of the Middle Kingdom, to be worn on great occasions, while the king and queen may also wear any other crowns they wish. Thus there is something of a difference between, for example, the king's sword of state, Oathbinder, used for swearing fealty and expected to be present during the principal courts, and the various tablecloths, pillows, cups, and assorted other items belonging to and used by the monarchs, but all are considered regalia.

The Middle Kingdom Minister of Regalia is a deputy under the Middle Kingdom Exchequer

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