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Dues Paying Members


August of 2014 the Barony of Shattered Crystal held the event For Hands VIII Metal & Glass. At the time Laurel vigilant for moneying, Ealdred of Malmesbury came down from the Kingdom of Northshield and taught an all day class: How to Make Medieval Coins: Die and Coin Making Workshop. In his class were a number of the degenerate gamblers of the Middle Kingdom including Konrad Mailander and Philippe de Lyon. It took a while after that to gather needed tools but sometime in 2015 Konrad and Philippe, armed with their experience from For Hands and Ealdred's class handout, began teaching classes on die and coin making at events. Also after For Hands several people interested in moneying in the Barony of Ayreton, had set up a Facebook group to discuss the art. As people from outside that barony were added to the group the name was changed to the Midrealm Moneyer's Guild. Konrad found himself nominated to serve as Guildmaster.

Master Philippe had the idea to keep a collection of the coins produced by people and was summarily named Guild Treasurer by Konrad. It was decided to keep it an informal guild for the promotion of the art of moneying. (We are not an officially chartered guild but we give the Crown money so they tend ot look the other way.) All who are interested in that are welcome to join us and consider themselves members of the guild. The guild keeps a roster of "dues paying members". To become a dues paying member of the Guild you just need to give a example of coins you make using at least one die that you created (or mold carved for cast coins) to Konrad or Philippe for inclusion in the Guild's collection. Once you make your first contribution to the collection you are added to the list.

A tradition in many Kingdoms with Moneyer's Guilds is to present each reign with a Royal Pound. A Royal Pound is 240 coins, called such because it is a gift to the Crown and there were 240 pennies to a British Pound. The Midrealm Moneyer's Guild presented Their Royal Majesties Ragnvaldr III and Arabella III with a Royal Pound each at Simple Day 2015.


If you are interested in Moneying feel free to join us at the Midrealm Moneyer's Guild.

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