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Photo by Cellach MacChormach
Status:Current Member
Preferred Title:Baroness
Resides:Barony of the Fenix




Honors & Awards

Kingdom Awards

Baronial Awards

Offices & Service


  • South Oaken Seneschal (A.S. 58 - present)
  • Baronial Exchequer- (A.S 54 to present)
  • South Oaken Chamberlain (A.S. 53 - A.S 54 (Seto and Ynes reign)
  • Barony of Fenix Exchequer Deputy (A.S. 53 – 54)
  • Barony of Fenix Arts and Science deputy (A.S. 49 – July A.S. 50)


  • Baronial Award Scrolls created (Over 50 in the past 20 years)
  • A&S Regional and Kingdom Judge (May A.S. 42 – present)
  • Only South Oaken Hound Coursing Marshal- Needed for our events
  • Hound Coursing Handler
  • Ran Hound Coursing at Simple Day, Horses and Hounds (x2), Harvest Days (x2)
  • Heavy Weapon Marshal
  • Rapier Marshal (pending)
  • Co-Feastocrat, Barony of Fenix 12th night, (A.S. 50- present)
  • Co-Autocrat, Barony of Fenix 12th night, (A.S. 52-present)
  • Co-Autocrat, Barony of Fenix Baronial Championships, (A.S. 36-A.S 38)
  • Worked Troll May Day, A.S. 53
  • Worked Troll Crown (A.S 45-A.S. 47)
  • List Mistress Coronation A.S. 53
  • List Mistress Barony of Fenix Events (A.S. 54, A.S. 47, A.S. 48)
  • Equestrial List Mistress Middle Kingdom 50 year (A.S. 54)
  • Taught classes at numerous Baronial events and meetings
  • A&S classes taught Crown, Winter’s End,Hunt for Red October (A.S. 44, A.S. 45, A.S. 47)
  • Glass, Tablet weaving, Felting, Children's activities
  • Coordinate Baronial Thanksgiving Celebration (A.S 49- present)
  • Baronial largess gifts for all 12th night participants, (A.S. 36-A.S 40)
  • Kingdom Largess made: blank scrolls, beads, scroll cases, half circle pouches
  • Baronial largess: blank scrolls, candles, candle holders, scroll cases, half circle pouches, awards in glass, beads, beginner gaming pouches, 4man morris sets
  • Numerous Baronial and Kingdom Scrolls made (A.S. 36-present)
  • Kingdom and Baronial Retainer for multiple events
  • Pennsic and SCA 50 year land agent for House Stahlgeist and/or Barony of Fenix
  • Host Weekly Craft Night Barony of Fenix (A.S 44-49 and again A.S 53-present)
  • Publications in Baronial Newsletter for A&S
  • Sheet wall for House site at Pennsic
  • Baronial Reign History Sheets (5)
  • A&S entries including Kingdom competition
  • House spear flags made
  • House favors made
  • Baronial rapier cloaks
  • Baronial rapier mask draps made
  • Baronial Heavy tabards made
  • Baronial table clothes made and painted
  • Baronial Rapier tunics made
  • Baronial Favors made for populace
  • Baronial Heavy Weapons champion tunic made
  • Baronial Rapier Champions tunic made
  • Baronial Gaming Champion Inception
  • Baronial Fenix Flock Award Inception
  • Hoods Sewn for All Champions of Sir William of Fairhaven and Isolde reign
  • On reign of Sir William and Isolde
  • Baronial Viking Pennants created for _____ Reign
  • Largess created for baronial members: Candles, pilgrim bags, treasure boxes, beads,
  • Glass and Fiber Arts Display at Pennsic and South Oaken Events.
  • Participant in many, many demos
  • Kitchen Crew and/or Server for multiple events
  • Various other jobs as required for local events

Affiliations & Relationships

Married to Hengist Hawardessune

Dependents/Dependent of

Squire to Sir Randolph Lee
Student to Duchess Rebekah MacTiernan

Households & Guilds


Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Classes Taught

Projects & Publications

In Case of Court

Scroll Preferences

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