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Household Heraldry

Vert, a dragonfly and in chief three mullets one and two or
Head of Household:Nickolas Grigorevich Petrov and Serena Kimbalwyke
Household Seat:Barony of the Cleftlands


Strakoza is a household within the Barony of the Cleftlands led by Ser Nikolai Grigorevich Petrov and his lady-wife, Mistress Serena Kimbalwyke. Their daughters Lady Lily Carver and Lady Lynette la Rousse are also members of the household.

Other members of the household

Lord Caius Mac An Bhaird
Sir Farthegn Rinkson
Baroness Colette du Pré
Lord Thorgrimm Farthegnson
Lady Amelinne la Bouchiere
Lady Marta von Giesel
Lord Gallus of Cleftlands
Captain Eskil harofari Haraldsson
Mistress Rannvaeig Orraamar Eskilskona
Lady Nadia Eskilsdottir
Adrian Rannvaeigsson
Lady Aurelia Rosetti
Lord Gwydion Glyndwr
Warder Marcos De Ribera
Lady Seraphina Mascherante
Lord Vedrix (inactive)
William (inactive)
Con Spearfinder (inactive)
Eber (inactive)
Ely (inactive)

The House participates in a number of activies, including heavy combat, rapier, youth combat, equestrian, brewing & vinting, woodworking and diverse service.

In January AS XXXIX, Ser Nikolai Grigorevich Petrov took Caius and Farthegn as his first squires. Farthegn was elevated to the Chivalry in AS44 (2010)

Serena currently has two apprentices; Baroness Colette du Pré and THL Honor von Atzinger. Serena's former apprentice, Aurelia Rosetti, was elevated to the Laurel in AS53 (2018)

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