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The Award of the Butterfly of Andelcrag is an award given in the Barony of Andelcrag.

It is given at the discretion of the Baron and Baroness. The Butterfly is a Baronial Award developed by Thegn Edward Aelredson and Baroness Genevieve Rose de Glendalough during the term of Baron Thorfinn Grimkelsson and Baroness Brighid ni Caernaigh at their request.

The Butterfly was created in honor of Baron Byron della Farfalle.

The three butterflies symbolized the three things for which he was known: Arts, Sciences, and Service. He was an exceptional tailor, brewer, and served wherever he could. He was best known for his membership drive. At his own expense he printed membership forms and envelopes to corporate. He would setup a table at events and demos and speak to people about the Society and encourage them to be become members. He would then mail the information for them himself.

The award was originally to be given for those who excelled in those three categories. Recipients may display the badge: Or, three monarch butterflies proper within a bordure purpure.

Award of the Butterfly of Andelcrag
Blazon:Or, three monarch butterflies proper within a bordure purpure.
Registered:November 2005
to:Barony of Andelcrag


Recipients of the Award of the Butterfly

Award Date Unknown

UnknownZubaida Qilichlu Qari bint Abed al Kadir (formerly Hauviette d'Anjou)
UnknownTommaso Franceschi
UnknownAntonia Lavinia Maria Toscano

During the term of Baron Garth of the Crags and Baroness Kassia Gildea

05/06/06 Istvan of Vokovar (aka Istvan Valkai)
05/06/06Kyferrin Sachsson
05/06/06Rijckaert vanUtrecht
05/06/06Sivrid Brumbach
10/06/07Rowan of Windtree Tower
01/05/08Alaina Blackram
01/05/08Alexander Blackram
01/10/09Thomasette de Harfleur
01/10/09Brigid ni Caernaigh the Ageless
04/25/09Maria Leonara de Luna
04/25/09Oweyn ap Tegwaret ab Urien
09/06/09Caterina de Bruyn
11/07/09Failenn Brecc

During the term of Baron Logan Na'Sealgaith and Baroness Zaynab Yasmine

UnknownGenevieve Rose de Glendalough
05/22/10Anastasiia Rusa (Ernmas O'Morda)
05/22/10Vinca Taviani
04/23/11Thomas Treighburn (Treyburn)
04/30/11Eva vanOldebroek
06/07/11Aelfwine Pyttel
06/07/11Amanita Villarosa
09/04/11Fiona of Three Walls
10/08/11Enid d'Auliere
10/08/11Seanna of Sable Raven
11/05/11Ahellisa de Lymington (Alyssa ap Morgan)
11/05/11Malise ingen Cormac (of Glencoe)
11/05/11Ulrich Eisenhart
08/31/12Kenneth Brightmore (was of Three Walls)
08/31/12Leetvina Twinthrower
08/31/12Mairghread Brightmoore (Merraede of Brightmoor)
08/31/12Anneyia of Three Walls
08/31/12Doratea Beasthealer
06/01/13Vladislav Dragomir (Siretescu)

During the term of Baroness Antonia Lavinia Maria Toscano and Baroness Collette du Valois

06/20/15Raymond d'Anjou
06/20/15Victoire Hillsmeyer
06/20/15Walter Mareshall
08/29/15Adallisia moglie di Simon Varzi (Adallisia de Porto Fino)
01/09/16Gilebert le Bracceur de Dijon
01/09/16Helena Sybilla
02/10/18Enid d'Auliere
02/10/18Ilaria Degli Attavante
02/10/18Sigrun Ormsdottir

During the term of Baron Raymond d'Anjou and Baroness Zubaida Qilichlu Qari bint Abed al Kadir

04/14/18Eva vanOldebroek
04/14/18Rijckaert vanUtrecht
04/14/18Canton of Rimsholt
08/13/18Ligessac d'Issigny (Lyggessauc Cook)
08/13/18Masarrah an bint Ma'mam
08/13/18Rutger van Groningen
09/22/18Revecca bat Israel
09/22/18Rob Maille
01/19/20Bridget O'Brien
01/19/20Dag Thorgrimsson
01/19/20Lassar Fhina ingen Neill
12/05/20Jessie Voigts
12/05/20Lillie of Lake Mälaren
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