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Dates:August 3rd to 18, 2002
War Points:Middle 2, East 8
Who won?: East
King and Queen: Valharic and Alys
Prince and Princess: Tarrach and Fina
Mayor: (Autocrat) Mairgret of Carrigart


Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Ullr Amaranthson 16-Aug-2002 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Lothair von Drachenstein 16-Aug-2002 Pelican
  • Vitus Litold of Seldom Rest 16-Aug-2002 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Oscad de Segovia 16-Aug-2002 Gold Mace
  • Khaelean of Darkyard 16-Aug-2002 Gold Mace
  • Brannos O'Iongardail 16-Aug-2002 Dragon's Tooth
  • Katharina von der Waldwiese 16-Aug-2002 Red Company
  • Cleftlands, Barony of 16-Aug-2002 Dragon's Teeth
  • House Red Winged Lion 16-Aug-2002 Dragon's Teeth
  • Goat Clan, The 16-Aug-2002 Purple Fretty
  • Iasmin de Cordoba 15-Aug-2002 Laurel
  • Raella de Courtenay 15-Aug-2002 Laurel
  • Chai'usun of the Moritu 15-Aug-2002 Pelican
  • Iustinos Tekton 15-Aug-2002 Pelican
  • Dubricius Wolfhunt 15-Aug-2002 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Brise Sanguin 15-Aug-2002 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Arianwen Triona Ceridwen O Wyndham 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Heart
  • Ragnar Bloodaxe 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Heart
  • Nan Astrid of York 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Heart
  • Helene Gabrielle du Lac 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Heart
  • Isadora von Drachenstein 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Heart
  • Gladius the Alchemist 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Heart
  • Giles Devon 15-Aug-2002 Evergreen
  • Kassia Gildea 15-Aug-2002 Evergreen
  • Sulla Alterius 15-Aug-2002 Evergreen
  • Caecilia Desiderata 15-Aug-2002 Willow
  • Fujinami no Kaede 15-Aug-2002 Willow
  • Rory mac Feidhlimidh 15-Aug-2002 Silver Oak
  • Brun Canuttson 15-Aug-2002 Silver Oak
  • Stefan Cauterhaugh 15-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Rickard of Rivenvale 15-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Robert Strongbow 15-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Dougal of Icomkil 15-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Lauretta de Stella-Fendurta 15-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Rosalinda de los Lagos 15-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Chimbai 15-Aug-2002 Doe's Grace
  • Jurgen von Baden 15-Aug-2002 Red Company
  • Konrad Mailander 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Tooth
  • Rook of Clan Kurr 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Tooth
  • Gerhart von Eisenherz 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Tooth
  • Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Barb
  • Aileran O┬╣Faelain 15-Aug-2002 Cavendish Knot
  • Amanita Villarosa 15-Aug-2002 Cavendish Knot
  • Jocelyn le Jongleur 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Tooth
  • Neko-Me Jr. 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Phoebus Craythorne 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Anfeach Ryder 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Ashford Simen Philip LaQuox 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • BeornmannOfChester 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Brice MacKegan 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Eirinn O'Fiannaidhe 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Heath the Wanderer 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Juliana Montalto del Mar 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Katerina De Servasa 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Matilda in the Holis 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Mica du Darragonne 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Rowen of Canterbury 15-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Rebecca of Rivenvale 15-Aug-2002 Dragon's Treasure
  • John of Three Towers 15-Aug-2002 Baton
  • Dankwert Macabee Bathory 15-Aug-2002 Sapphire
  • House Leonthes 15-Aug-2002 Purple Fretty
  • Sulla Alterius 15-Aug-2002 Royal Augmentation of Arms
  • palymar 15-Aug-2002 Kingdom Augmentation of Arms
  • Sasha St. Martin 14-Aug-2002 Doe's Grace
  • Perizada bint Qamar 14-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Teffan Koerwent 14-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Erik Hjemvik 14-Aug-2002 Red Company
  • Konrad Mailander 14-Aug-2002 Dragon's Tooth
  • Kieran Annachie MacLeod 14-Aug-2002 Dragon's Tooth
  • Thorclaw 14-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Lasairfhiona ingen Cheallaigh 14-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Kynar Augustus 14-Aug-2002 Royal Augmentation of Arms
  • Ixtilixochitl 13-Aug-2002 Pelican
  • Cormac mac Eoghain 13-Aug-2002 Gold Mace
  • Lutr ulfskjald 13-Aug-2002 Gold Mace
  • Maynard Wolven 13-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Gunnar the Smith of Vikland 11-Aug-2002 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Ariaghna of Vlads 11-Aug-2002 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Lleian Baird 11-Aug-2002 Willow
  • Helena Luccesse 11-Aug-2002 Willow
  • Vixen Alexandra Finney 11-Aug-2002 Willow
  • Cris Poulan 11-Aug-2002 Willow
  • Liam Guversson 11-Aug-2002 Silver Oak
  • Anna Longshanks 11-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Tasha Cernunnos 11-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Kureel Cernunnos 11-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Kim of Vlads 11-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Aifor 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Nyssa 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Marcus of Vikland 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Christo Cherubino 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Aster Alleghri 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Elizabeth 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Aurora 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Angel 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Tom of Vlads 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Jasmine Black 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Halvdan the Mad 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Lou the Drunk 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Lynx Lenabhair MacLaren 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Rowan 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Ogre of dun Phalain 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Aquihteer 11-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Simon 11-Aug-2002 Dragon's Treasure
  • Griffon Blackfell 11-Aug-2002 Sapphire
  • Katherine de Amiens 03-Aug-2002 Willow
  • David de Bohun 03-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Ronnait ni Chatharnaigh 03-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Gwendolyn de Lindsey 03-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Devon Ffrench 03-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Heinrich von Brandenburg 03-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Margeurite d' Avignon 03-Aug-2002 Purple Fret
  • Octavia of Nordskogen 03-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Thorbjorn Helefsdane 03-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Faith St. Christian 03-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Kari of Midewinde 03-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • Heather of Falcon's Keep 03-Aug-2002 Award of Arms
  • James of Penrose 03-Aug-2002 Award of Arms

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