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Thorbjorn's Favor is a traveling honor, created in remembrance of Master Thorbjorn the Greysides, awarded once a year to an attendee of the Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense. Citizens of the Middle Kingdom and of the kingdoms of Northshield, Ealdormere and Calontir are eligible. Those gentles who have already borne the favor (see list below) are not eligible to bear it again. The bearer is chosen each year by a vote of those fencers in attendance. Tie votes are decided by the previous bearer. The new bearer is asked to wear the favor until the next MKAoD, and to have their name added to the favor before passing it on to the new bearer.


Master John Inchingham the Fool, OL, OP;

Master Fritz Bare, OL;

Sir Guillaume LaFort, KSCA;

Master Adam Comyn, MOD;

Master Alexander de Seton, OP;

Master Christian de Fournier, OL, MOD;

Master Mateo Montero de Madrid, MOD;

Warder Gallien le Cavalier de L'lle;

Master Philippe de Leon, OL, OP;

Mistress Moira MacGillavrey, OP;

Master Anton du Marais, MOD, OP;

Master Terrance of Tynedale, MOD, OL;

Master Kai Tseng, MOD;

Master Adhamh MacAoidh, MOD;

The Honorable Lord Liam Martini;

Defender Cecil DuPont, MOD;

Master Peter Grau von Bremen, MOD;

Defender Adam CarMychel, MOD;

Maestra Anna Reimer von Wolfenbuttel, MOD;

Mistress Azriel le Fey, MOD;

Sir Lucas Otto Gustav Oswald Stephan von Schnecke (called "Logos"), KSCA, OP, MOD, OL;

Master Gerard Montague, MOD

Master Gwynneth verch Ieuan, MOD

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