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A Listing of the lineage of the Barons/Baronesses of Shadowed Stars, their investiture date, step down date and who invested them, in what reign.

Order Baron(ess) Baron(ess) Began Ended Invested by
1 Fergus MacPherson Maggie MacKeith 30 May 2015 21 April 2018 King Ragnvalder III and Queen Arabella III in the 91st Reign of the Middle Kingdom
2 Ulrich Halfdan Ulffson 21 April 2018 04 Sep 2021 King Cellach II and Queen Vukasin II in the 96th Reign of the Middle Kingdom
3 Ronan Haukrson Hadley of Beckenham 04 Sep 2021 Present King Felix III and Queen Madeleina III in the 101st Reign of the Middle Kingdom
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