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Household Heraldry

The Triple Spiral, the Ring Tribe symbol
Head of Household:The Cheiftan
Household Seat:South Oaken
Motto:Ancient, Fierce, and Free



Ring Tribe is a household centered in the South Oaken region, but having members in Constellation, North Oaken, and even in Meridies. They portray Iron Age Northern European tribal cultures, with heavy emphasis on the Irish Celts, but including Picts, Welsh, and Teutones/Germans, among others.

The Ring Tribe is known for their camps, brewing mead, hosting the Known World party at Border Raids, and for their loud and flamboyant dress. They field a tight fighting contingent, known for their reckless charges and breaking of shield walls.

Ring Tribe elects a Chief every three years, and holds annual challenges for the positions of Ollamh (their Chief Bard), Firstborn and Brigh's Champion. (Their A&S Champion) Their internal culture follows a Celtic model.

Their Household symbol is the Triple Spiral(see image to the side), their motto is "Ancient, Fierce, and Free," and their battle cry is "Tuatha! Fainne! Aachon!" usually uttered before one of their infamous charges.


Ring Tribe is a household of long standing, founded in the mid-90's by MSCA Rin Ravenfoe, who is still a member of the house. Yulfa (a Gothia, Valkyrie (notable female warrior) and Mead Master of Ring Tribe).

Current officers include (As of Samhain 2007)

  • Thorulf Bjornsson (Chieftan)
  • Gothia Yulfa Weis Ulf (Advisor to the Chieftan)
  • Lachtna Cara (Brehon - Lawkeeper of Ring Tribe)


Ring Tribe accepts new members by a process known as fostering where the candidate approaches the household and announces a wish to join, whereupon they are sponsored as a fosterling by one of the current members. It becomes that member's job to guide the prospect through devising a persona, assembling an iron age kit (garb, feast gear, etc.), and instructing them in the customs and rules of the Tribe. The prospect is watched and mentored for a year and a day, and at that point, if their progress is sufficient, they are "Torced" as a full member of Ring Tribe.

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