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Each individual member of the SCA choses a medieval name to identify themselves by. For many this is as far as they get into their *persona*. Others have detailed stories about who they were in the Middle Ages. A Persona is not required for any SCA activity, but many find it enhances their experience.


Choosing a Persona

There are only two rules for picking your Persona:

  1. You cannot be an actual person who lived. Sorry, there is only one Eleanor of Aquitaine.
  2. Everyone is assumed to be lower gentry to start. While not expressly forbidden slave personas are frowned upon.

Questions to ask in choosing your persona:

  • What country are you from? In general it works best to be from one single country though many people like 'traveling' personas if they enjoy and wish to recreate two cultures.
  • What is your occupation?
  • Who were your parents? Were they wealthy merchants, lesser nobility or peasants?

Remeber; you don't have to structure any of your society activites around your persona; you can have an early period viking persona, for example, and still wear that high Elizabeathan ruff at the ball!

Developing your Persona

There are many resources available for researching and adding different aspects to your persona. See also heraldry and costuming.

Acting in Persona

As with all other Persona-related activities how far you get into your persona is up to you. Some members of the society will develop accents and speak as their Persona would, others go no farther than a second name they call themselves.

Populace page Persona Categories

Populace pages on this Wiki can be sorted into the following Persona Categories:

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