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Dates:August 7th to 22? 2003
Attendance:11,000 aprox
War Points:<odd;e 1. East 8
Who won?: East
King and Queen: Pieter and Nan
Prince and Princess: Alasdair and Guenievre
Mayor: Devon Adair Bartholomy


Notable Happenings

Their Majesties asked all of the Baronies to provide red and white hoods for the Midrealm army to wear at Pennsic. Many were sewn and worn upon the field! There was also a complex castle battle featuring a castle made of sheet walls.

First Pennsic with a mayor? (Previous Pennsic events list an Autocrat, not a Mayor on

Court List

  • Etienne de Clermont 16-Aug-2003 Laurel
  • Ragnar Ivarsson 16-Aug-2003 Laurel
  • Kjartan Eikbrandsson 16-Aug-2003 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Illiam Uaine 16-Aug-2003 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Fred Brezel 16-Aug-2003 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Antarcus Valentior 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Heart
  • Celeste Aylene Dougherty 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Heart
  • Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Heart
  • Moira Paloma 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Heart
  • Thomas Gregarious 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Heart
  • Elina de Braose 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Heart
  • Giuliana Forniciari 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Heart
  • Irene the Questing 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Heart
  • Cerian Cantwr 16-Aug-2003 Evergreen
  • Mikal Isernfocar 16-Aug-2003 Evergreen
  • Nicholas of Wicklow 16-Aug-2003 Gold Mace
  • Hacmin ben Yosef 16-Aug-2003 Greenwood Company
  • Thorin of Glendalough 16-Aug-2003 Greenwood Company
  • Quentin MacGowan 16-Aug-2003 Greenwood Company
  • Erik Erikson the Scout 16-Aug-2003 Greenwood Company
  • Gladius the Alchemist 16-Aug-2003 Greenwood Company
  • Adela of Chester 16-Aug-2003 Willow
  • James Barkley 16-Aug-2003 Willow
  • Rhiannon de la Meadue du Lue 16-Aug-2003 Willow
  • Wulfgaest (of Red Spears) 16-Aug-2003 Silver Oak
  • Kelwyn Wynterbourne 16-Aug-2003 Silver Oak
  • Lleana Quinacane 16-Aug-2003 Willow
  • Roland de Sullane 16-Aug-2003 Silver Oak
  • Lorelei Skye of Sans Nomen 16-Aug-2003 Willow
  • Giles fitz Alan 16-Aug-2003 Willow
  • Caecilia Desiderata 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • A'isha al-Zarga 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Brangwayn Snowden 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Eron Crowfford 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Malcolm Heath 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Richard Kelly 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Yseult the Gentle 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Alexander MacNichol 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Armond le Charpentier 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Dunstan Bramblette 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Logan Trueshot 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Nicholas of Windsreach 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Llyra of the Goats 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Luke Wolfsson fra Hrogn 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Alexander of Hawkwood 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Alfred the Trapper 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Thomas de Cordova 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • James Blaunkheart 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Kenna Harve 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Marcus of Roaring Waste 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Dughal of the Fyrd 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Ailianor O'Malley 16-Aug-2003 Cavendish Knot
  • Timothy Woodhill 16-Aug-2003 Cavendish Knot
  • Cydrych Clutorix 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Enok the Red 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Garth der Eisenzahmer 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Pellinor of Shadowed Stars 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Sabah Al-Rashid 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Edmund of Hertford 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Kamiizumi Munenori Jirou 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Hjalmr of Stahlgeist 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Kjartan Eikbrandsson 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Sasha St. Martin 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Mikal Isernfocar 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Tyrkir of Olvik 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Cydrych Clutorix 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Ho Jin 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Áine ingen Néill mec Lugdech 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • A'kos of Roaring Wastes called "Braile" 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Daniel Belanger 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Tooth
  • Richard FitzWilliams 16-Aug-2003 Red Company
  • Caitlin Baird 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Amberlyn of Westlake 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Uthr Gwyllt ap Myrddin Coed Du 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Brigid MacAodhagain 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Eleanor of Roaring Wastes 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Emma Cuinn 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Jared of Coventry 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Katya MacAodhagain 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Kelson of Stormriver 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Thurs Amorrson 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Mathis de la Mort 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Rayne of Rivenvale 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Shield Ranverson 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Sorcha of the Lost Keys 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Suzanah Merrybegot 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Vulkmar Wulfsen 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Bjorn an Svarti 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Desiderata del Rio 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Gavin of Stormvale 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Maya of Talonval 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Arthur of the Goats 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Rannvaeig Orraärmr Eskilskona 16-Aug-2003 Award of Arms
  • Gwyneth Felton 16-Aug-2003 Kingdom Augmentation of Arms
  • Cynnabar, Barony of 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Teeth
  • King's Guard of Pennsic War 32 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Teeth
  • Finn MacCass 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Treasure
  • Maddog ap Nial 16-Aug-2003 Silver Acorn
  • David Caruana 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Treasure
  • Michelle Raven 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Treasure
  • Rashelle Raven 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Treasure
  • Aria le Sable 16-Aug-2003 Silver Acorn
  • Tigernach mac Eoghain ua Aeda 16-Aug-2003 Sapphire
  • Woods Battle Set Up Crew 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fretty
  • Guild of Saint Barbara 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fretty
  • Outlands Army of Pennsic War 32 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Teeth
  • Darkmoon, House 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Teeth
  • Eilika von Lutzen 16-Aug-2003 Royal Augmentation of Arms
  • Water Bearers of the Tuchux 16-Aug-2003 Purple Fretty
  • Crew of the Ballista Jafar 16-Aug-2003 Dragon's Teeth
  • Danielle LaCourt 13-Aug-2003 Purple Fret
  • Adrianna Von Brandenberg 13-Aug-2003 Award of Arms

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