Pennsic XXIV

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Dates:Aug 5 - 20, 1995
War Points:?
Who won?: ?
King and Queen: Osis and Valthiona
Prince and Princess: Tarquin and Aibhilin
Mayor: Autocrats Aaron faheud Swiftrunner, Mairin of the East Isle and Alexis MacAlister

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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Todric han Raullsohn Koenig 19-Aug-1995 Laurel
  • Todric han Raullsohn Koenig 19-Aug-1995 Pelican
  • Omarad the Wary 19-Aug-1995 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Sir Caveron Odell 19-Aug-1995 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Susan O'Dell 19-Aug-1995 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Cindy Cooper Tracy 19-Aug-1995 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Anntionette Rose 19-Aug-1995 Dragon's Heart
  • Timothy, King of the East 19-Aug-1995 Dragon's Heart
  • Gabrielle, Queen of the East 19-Aug-1995 Dragon's Heart
  • Arthur Bear 19-Aug-1995 Red Company
  • Unbelted Champions of the Midrealm, The 19-Aug-1995 Dragon's Tooth
  • Halfdan 19-Aug-1995 Award of Arms
  • James of Lyndenesse 19-Aug-1995 Dragon's Treasure
  • Grenville of Linnetsdale 19-Aug-1995 Dragon's Treasure
  • B'wana Christofano Vecchione 17-Aug-1995 Laurel
  • Helene Gabrielle du Lac 16-Aug-1995 Laurel
  • Gwyneth Banfhidhleir 16-Aug-1995 Laurel
  • Therica Pembroke of Stonegate Manor 16-Aug-1995 Laurel
  • Fritz von Bare 16-Aug-1995 Laurel
  • Hrothgar of the House of the Iron Maiden 16-Aug-1995 Laurel
  • Alasdair of Raasay 16-Aug-1995 Laurel
  • Thaninieyaieres O Ynys Yf Draig Gwyrdd 16-Aug-1995 Laurel
  • John ap Wynne 16-Aug-1995 Pelican
  • Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall 16-Aug-1995 Pelican
  • Foote the Potter 16-Aug-1995 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Grainne du Bois 16-Aug-1995 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Aylwyn of Griffenholme 16-Aug-1995 Dragon's Heart
  • Edana na Tartmhar 16-Aug-1995 Dragon's Heart
  • Margaret Malise de Kyrkyntolaghe 16-Aug-1995 Dragon's Heart
  • Adrien de Troyes 16-Aug-1995 Willow
  • Alonzo the Understated 16-Aug-1995 Silver Oak
  • Alysoun de Ros 16-Aug-1995 Silver Oak
  • Amaranth Wolfbane 16-Aug-1995 Silver Oak
  • Sorcha the Cruel 16-Aug-1995 Willow
  • Yseult the Gentle 16-Aug-1995 Willow
  • Madeleine MacLachlan of Illiton 16-Aug-1995 Purple Fret
  • Bogdan Borodets 16-Aug-1995 Doe's Grace
  • Kasmir of Stargard 16-Aug-1995 Award of Arms
  • Melusine de la Rose 16-Aug-1995 Award of Arms
  • Fenix, Barony of 16-Aug-1995 Purple Fretty
  • Great Dark Horde, The 16-Aug-1995 Purple Fretty
  • Eirik Dweorgaxe 16-Aug-1995 Territorial Baron / Baroness (R) Sternfeld
  • Kendra of Darkmoon 16-Aug-1995 Territorial Baron / Baroness (R) Sternfeld

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

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