Pennsic XXIII

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Dates:Aug 6 - 21, 1994
War Points:East 11, Middle 0
Who won?: East
King and Queen: Finn II and Garlanda II
Prince and Princess: Brannos and Rebekah
Mayor: Autocrat Bran Trefonnen

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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Brusten de Bearsul 20-Aug-1994 Laurel
  • Brusten de Bearsul 20-Aug-1994 Pelican
  • Alys Katharine 20-Aug-1994 Pelican
  • Ranthulfr Asparlundr 20-Aug-1994 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Aaron Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep 20-Aug-1994 Laurel
  • Aaron Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep 20-Aug-1994 Pelican
  • Eira of Drachenwald 20-Aug-1994 Doe's Grace
  • Vladimir of Roaring Waste 19-Aug-1994 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Ygraine of Roaring Waste 19-Aug-1994 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Donngal Eriksson 19-Aug-1994 Dragon's Tooth
  • Menken Brechen 18-Aug-1994 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Thomas Mailer 18-Aug-1994 Laurel
  • Ziegfried Gunter von Weaselberg 18-Aug-1994 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Madinia Inion Thuthail 18-Aug-1994 Laurel
  • Melchior Stoneteeth 18-Aug-1994 Pelican
  • Margherita Alessia 18-Aug-1994 Pelican
  • Calum Creachadora 18-Aug-1994 Laurel
  • Ciara ni Mhaille 18-Aug-1994 Laurel
  • Trelogin Tavistok 18-Aug-1994 Pelican
  • William of Fairhaven 18-Aug-1994 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Ixtilixochitl 18-Aug-1994 Chivalry -- Knight
  • David Dragonhawk 18-Aug-1994 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Osric of Fayrehope 18-Aug-1994 Dragon's Heart
  • Serena Arianwy Holmes 18-Aug-1994 Dragon's Heart
  • Osric Eisenwulf 18-Aug-1994 Doe's Grace
  • William of Fairhaven 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Foscadh O'Dubhda 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Elizabeth Mortimer 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Ivar Skurgarson 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Kaydian Bladebreaker 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Tristan von Eisig 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Roak of Ealdormere 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Hidezo Ihashi 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Pharamond de Flanders 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Lothair von Drachenstein 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Arslan Sanjarzade Yildirim-Kilij 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Crispin Boucher 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Tarrach Alfson 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Baldur Baldursbane 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Omarad the Wary 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Meurisse de la Lune Sombre 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • Ieuan McKellmore 18-Aug-1994 Red Company
  • East Kingdom Unbelted Champions Team 18-Aug-1994 Dragon's Teeth
  • Gerhardt von Reutlingen 17-Aug-1994 Cavendish Knot
  • Olaf of the Woods 15-Aug-1994 Dragon's Heart

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

Lyonnete Vibert

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