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Household Heraldry

Or, two scorpions tergiant addorsed tails entwined gules.
Head of Household:Boldewyn Rheinholt and Sascha Turcital called Ursinus
Household Seat: Barony of Middle Marches
Motto:No Household Motto


In 2008, 4 friends with similar interests in the SCA, decided to form the household based on the tenets of Hospitality, Service and encouragement of newer members to the SCA.

Instead of the traditional household model where there is one leader that everyone else swears fealty to, Effervo has two heads of household who hold equal power. The four founding members run the household with input from other members.

Members swear to uphold the values and tenets of the household and SCA as opposed to swearing fealty to the heads of the household.

Effervo is latin for "swarm". Most of the founding members have personas that are Roman, Romano-Britian, or interacted with Roman forces.

The household device of two scorpions opposite each other with tails intertwined in a "yin and yang" symbolize the give and take that so much of the SCA is about. The scorpion was also a powerful weapon of war used by the Roman Legions.

The household is made up of fighters, artisans and service oriented members, several of whom hold student/Peer relationships with Peers from other households.

Affiliate members are invited to camp and interact with the household for a year and a day before committing to be full-fledged members.

The household has also been the recipient of the Golden Affodyl from Her Excellency Eilis the Stone during her tenure as Baroness of Middle Marches.


Sgt Boldewyn Rheinholt

Dominus Vibius Ovidius Ursinus (formally Sascha Turcital)

Lady Cwen of YnysAfallach

Baroness Maggie O'Donnell

Lady Nasira bint al-fuqma al-baida

Lady Parvati Chandravanshi

Lord Uliam Ingeralie

Lady Manne de Lynn

Lady Melanippee Sauromatis

Lord Dragan (pronounced Shane)

Lady Echina MacDonyll

Lord Diarmuid an Loscán

Fáelán Mac an Ghaill

Affiliate Members:

Lord Vibius Ovidius Ursinus Lupinus formally Chris of Effervo)

    • minor member (pending permission to publish name)


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