Boldewyn Rheinholt

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Boldewyn and Spectre competing in equestrian games
Resides:Barony of Middle Marches
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Argent, a bat gules, a chief enarched rayonny sable



Visigoth soldier in service to the Roman Legions


Sergant Boldewyn was around for the inception of the Shire of Mugmort. He took several years of hiatus for real life and returned to the SCA in 2007. He is a member of the Shire of Mugmort, a heavy fighter in the Dragon Army and an avid equestrian. Boldewyn is also keenly interested in learning how things work and enjoys building and creating objects for use in the SCA context.


Co-founder and Co-Head of House Effervo

Marshal Activities

Authorized Armored Combatant in multiple disciplines including Siege crew and Engine

Warranted Armored Weapons Marshal

Authorized Equestrian in multiple disciplines including mounted combat and driving

Positions and Offices Held

Seneschal - Shire of Mugmort (2014-2016)

Middle Marches Baronial Quartermaster

Middle Marches Chronicler

Armored Combat Marshal - current

Co-Autocrat Middle Marches Baronial 12th Night

Interests and SCA-related Hobbies

Armored Combat

Seige Weapons

Equestrian activites

Roman and Visigoth/Ostrogoth research

Woodworking/Mechanical Engineering

Classes Taught

Melee 101

On-Line available:

SCA Helm Padding Research - What padding should be used and why.

An Anachronistic Cart - How to build a period cart.

An Anachronistic Dayshade - How to build a period version of a modern dayshade.

Keeping Perspective in the SCA

Horse Strap Barding Research

First Year Fighter's Guide - Everything the beginning fighter should know.

Tourney Compendium - Many types of tourneys in the SCA and how to do brackets.

Being on an Equestrian Ground Crew

A Seige Engine Study



Award of Arms AS 44 (2010)

Award of the Purple Fret AS 47 (2012) Savaric and Julianna, AS 52 (2017) William and Isolde

Order of the Red Company AS49 (2014) Cadogan and AnneMarie

Award of Purple Fret AS 52 (2017) William and Isolde

Order of the Dragon's Heart AS 53 (2018) Alric and Katherine


Golden Affodyl AS 46 (2011) Isabeau

Warden of the March AS 47 (2012) Lamorak and Isabeau

Watchful Tower AS 48 (2013) Lamorak and Isabeau

Shepherd of the March AS 49 (2014) Marcus and Eilis

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