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A green belt is worn to signify the wearer is an an Apprentice to a Laurel.

Note: While not forbidden by any sumptuary law, this color is traditionally reserved for those who are Apprentices. Tradition is often more powerful than law and should be observed. Black and brown belts are your safest bet if in doubt.


From the SCA 50 Year event prepared history: "It was in Meridies that the terms apprentice and protege were first established for the associates of Laurels and Pelicans, respectively. It was also Meridies that created the tradition, now followed to some degree in many Kingdoms, of associates other than squires also wearing colored belts to indicate their association, with green for apprentices and yellow for proteges. Green was chosen for apprentices to represent the green of a laurel wreath, while yellow was chosen for proteges because Mistress Rebecca of Twynn, called The Demanding, hated that color and claimed to be able to spot even the smallest amount of it from great distances, and she wanted to "be able to find them". A slight variant on that tale is that it was specifically for her first protege, Cathal mac Eden na Faeled, because she needed to "keep up with what you're up to". Mistress Rebecca has since said she doesn't remember her exact words, but "it probably was because of Cathal".

See also: red belts, yellow belts or colored belts[[

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