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See the Kingdom Calendar for a list of upcoming events: http://www.midrealm.org/calendar/


Wiki Staff


Editorial Staff

Current Projects

What are you working on?

  • Milesent - Cheerleading, checking Populace pages for consistency to template and random acts of content updating, working on regalia pages, Made Pennsic pages
  • HerrAdelbrecht - Working on color coding for different templates
  • AnneLyse - linking orphaned pages, checking law and handbook articles, slowly updating reign pages
  • MalachyVonUlm - Fight Practices, starting to categorize martial activity topics.

WIKI Job Openings

Feel free to try any of these tasks! If you would like an official position, contact the administrative staff at [email protected]

The following tasks need owners:

  • Grammar reviewer - reading articles for grammatical and spelling errors and fixing them
  • Photo and Graphics reviewer - Find copy-right free good photos and images to illustrate articles. Also check the unused graphic images and insert them into appropriate articles. (See the Requested Photos Category for articles needing photos.
  • Midrealm Law article reviewer - review Midrealm law articles and make sure they are up to date with the latest changes
  • Midrealm Marshal article reviewer - ditto, but for the marshal handbook articles.
    • Add links to SCA.ORG and Midrealm.org handbook documents - state that these documents take precedence over information on/in the Wiki.
  • Great officer updates - Updating the template to include the current officer holder for each role: https://middlewiki.midrealm.org/index.php/Great_Officers_of_State
  • Someone to contact past Kingdom officers and gain permission to add content for their persona pages.
  • Template for Kingdom Webministers officer pages (Any other officers we're missing? Kingdom Chatelaine?)
  • Remove "Template" Category from King/Queen/Officer pages? (These are pages, not templates, think the tag on the template is making them so, alas. Must figure out how to tag the template into the templates category and not the pages the template is applied to.)

Subject Matter Experts to review and update articles in their area of specialty:

  • Dance articles
  • Martial articles
  • Royalty and past reigns
  • Heraldic topics

Internal Documentation

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