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Note: This document is for the convenience of MiddleWiki administration and if you are not a Middle Wiki administrator, you won't be able to do these things.

Daily Tasks

  • Check email for requests and respond to them
  • Check Recent Changes page for updates since your last log in, check for spam and check that updates are in keeping with Wiki policy

Account creation

  • Log into the wiki with your admin account
  • Go back to the | log in page
  • Make the account
  • Email the user that their request for a new account has been processed with their user name, do not include the password on the same email for security purposes (If they requested a specific password you can say "We set the password as you requested"). Send a second email with the password and request that the user change their password after logging in.

Deleting spam

  • Check Recent Changes first, open any spam pages found and delete, also block the user which created the page.
  • Check for orphaned pages
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