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For anyone linking here from the Midrealm webministers FB page - this is more of a sandbox for testing things since it by default doesn't show up in the search results.

[SHAY-mus MAC-bane]

Sir Seamus MacBain
Former Squire to Viscount Leif Haakonson the Gray Fox
Seneschal of the Barony of Carriag Ban, Midlands, Midrealm

Seamus on the Midrealm OP.
SCA History Triva



Only made an account on here to nuke Link Spam that was littering a bunch of pages:

Now thinking of doing more with the wiki, see if we can make this something people can actually use instead of a place for spam bots to overrun constantly.

To Do List:

Spam account mitigation

Find way to add templates for users and groups to make fleshing out regions easier for new users
Update Barony page to reflect different types (adding Shell)
Update Midlands page to reflect current status of region, add badges
Reach out to local Chroniclers in Midlands about adding material to local site pages

Need to talk to the Kingdom of Caid about their Templates:

Would be nice to not have to reinvent everything

Things to research:
CSS for the main page


New Account information

Change password page:

User Account Page Template Blank:

This is _____'s user page, their persona page is here: [[replace_with_persona_name]]

Some pages to help you get started:
* [[MiddleWiki:Current events]]
* [[Updating Content]]
* [[How to - Persona page]]

Persona Page Template Blank

{{Populace|photo = [[Image:Missing pic.jpg|300px]]| photocaption = caption | location = | status = Current Member | device = [[Image:Missing arms-icon.jpg|300px]] | devicecaption = blazon }}
== Persona ==
== Offices & Positions ==
== Interests and SCA-related hobbies ==
== Awards ==
== Miscellany ==

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