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Welcome to MiddleWiki!


Who Should Update Content?

Any member of the Middle Kingdom populace or our friends around the Known World is welcome to update content here. Please keep it courteous and keep your language appropriate to all audiences including those who are entirely unfamiliar with the SCA.

How do I make an account?

Send an email [email protected] to request to have an account created

Normally the wiki administrators will respond to your request within 2 business days, please don't re-send if it's been less time than that. (Or if it's during Pennsic and we're all away from our computers for a week!)

Include in your email request:

  • your SCA name
  • Name of your local group
  • Log-on name requested (if it is different than your SCA name.) Note: Account names should be short, usually a first name.

Once you have an account, make a Persona page and check the job board on the Current events page!

There is also a comprehensive How Do I Get Started? article.

What needs updating?

  • The Current Events page has a list of current projects if you would like to tackle one of those
  • Look at the page for your local group shire or barony
  • Try Short Pages to see pages that do not have much content
  • The | Articles to be expanded 'Category: Articles to be expanded' page lists any page someone has flagged as needing content
  • or just click random page and see if you can find something in need of additional information!

How do I update content?

See the help link to the left for links to content guides and conventions.

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