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To Do List

  • Fix font size and border on main page lower right paragraph
  • Check awards pages and add sub-categories to match Bronze Ring article
  • Add Populace template to all existing people pages (Kingdom Officers)
  • Update all King and Queen pages with new 'Reign details' section
  • New populace categories for peerages (Just noticed we have some for officers, note that they should contain current warrented officers only? Or do we want anyone who was ever a seneschal to be in the 'seneschal' category for all time? *ponder*)
  • Reign pages
  • Regalia pages
  • Photos for Emrys, Eliahu, Elwynor, Edmund, Sir Karl,
  • Update Kingdom Seneschal template
  • Pennsic pages

Current Offices Held

About Me

For more about me see my persona page

My Contributions

Modern Name: Grace Vibbert
SCA Name: Baroness Milesent Vibert
Awards: Landed Baroness, OL, OE, OW, APF, AoA, King's Chalice
Home group: Cleftlands

My contributions

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