Angelique De LaRochelle

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Resides:Canton of Catteden
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Argent, four piles

in point vert and on a chief gules three towers or



Viking/French late 900's

My name is Angelique De LaRochelle. I was born in 981 and raised in Larochelle, Aunis, France. My fatther, Augustin Basina and my mother Marie Acelin were traveling to a better land when the vikings came on a raid in 992 and took me at age 11. I found out later that my parents were killed in the raid so the Vikings took me away to become a slave. As a slave, I was obedient and helpful then they decided I could be more use to them as a mate. I am now married and live in a small village called Vorbasse. My husband is a blacksmith and I learned the skill of pottery and illumination.

Offices & Positions

Former: Webminister for the Shire Of Falcon's Quarry
Former: Webminister Shire of Oakford
Former: Exchequer Shire of Oakford

Red Spears MOAS - 2015-Present

Catteden Deputy Seneschal - Nov. 2016-July 2017
Catteden Seneschal - July 2017 - Pressent
Catteden Chatelaine - Nov. 2016-Present

Archery Marshal - 2015-Present

North Oaken Regional Signet - 2017 - Present

Barony of Redspears Signet - June 2017 - Present


Kingdom Awards

Order of the Willow 2014-06-21
Order of the Evergreen 2017-06-10
Royal Augmentation of Arms : a quill pen or 2017-09-23

Baronial Awards

Order of the Boarsbane 2013-12-14
Order of the Ruby Chalice 2014-09-20
Order of Van de Zuil 2016-09-03
Sisterhood of the Red Spears 2013-12-14
A&S Baronial Champion 2015-2016

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Illumination, scrolls | Garb making | Pottery | Archery |

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