Brotherhood of Steel

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Household Heraldry

Brotherhood Grail
Head of Household:Sir Cecil De Turleonne and Count Savaric de Pardieu
Household Seat:Midrealm
Motto:Never let your Brother die.



We are the Brotherhood. We are Indiana's premiere Western Martial Arts group, offering training, competition, and sparring unlike that found almost anywhere else. We offer training in various historical styles and doctrines of medieval armored and unarmored combat.

Our unit is based mostly in Bloomington, IN though some of our members have spread to other parts of the state. All are welcome to come to our practices to learn and to train with us. If they are found worthy then they may be offered membership within our ranks. Members within the Brotherhood train in our martial art so that each individual fighter may grow in their skills as a warrior.

Many of our members also compete in tournaments held at SCA events across the country. However our primary focus as a unit is melee combat. In the grand melee events where kings and warlords field armies in battles that can range from 50 to 2,000 combatants the Brotherhood fights with an effectiveness the likes of which is rarely seen in SCA units, having turned the course of major engagements and battles on numerous occasions. To achieve this we train our members both on and off the field in tactics and strategy to attain a degree of professionalism and skill on the melee field equal to that of any other team that competes at a national level.

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The Brotherhood of Steel

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