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Household Heraldry

Head of Household:Baroness Verena Entenwirth
Household Seat:Midrealm
Motto:Duck, Duck, Drink!.



The Drunken Duck Tavern was setup to allow Historical based Homebrewers across the Known World a chance to share their wonderful medieval creations. With site and event limitations, sometimes it is hard for homebrewers to get recognized or event to get people to try their brews.

From non-alcoholic drinks at dry sites to harder meades, ciders, ales, and cordials; everything served out of the Drunken Duck is 100% donated homebrew based on historical drinks that would have been consumed during the Middle Ages.

Tavern Keeps and Bar Maids

Regular Brewing Contributors

On the Web

The Drunken Duck Website

Drunken Duck Facebook page

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