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Troth-Heim was founded in 2007 by Jarls EikBrandr Solgyafi, Ullr Amaranthson, Lutr Ulfskjald, and Gunnar Redboar. Jarl Artair Mac Neacail was recognized in 2013, Jarl Seth of Newcastle in 2014, and Jarl Alrekr Eiriksson.

Unlike most households within the SCA, Troth-heim considers itself a family made up of independent houses led by each Jarl, each with their own structure and governance under the larger entity that is Troth-heim.

There are seven houses that together make up Troth-Heim:

  • Naeturaudi
  • Medyev Ohoytnik
  • Raudth Hammar
  • Mov Draconis
  • SjarUlf
  • HvassGeir
  • Gullin-Ari

There are also a few traveling members abroad in Scandinavia and elsewhere.

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