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Households in the SCA

Households are unofficial groups within the SCA. They may call themselves house, clan, family, company or any number of names for a group. The classic SCA household is a noble lord and lady and their various followers, attendants, dependents, squires, men-at-arms, etc. Other households may well be exactly like territorial branches in size and structure, or small groups of friends, or political cliques, or artisans with similar or complimentary interests, or companies of fighters, fencers or archers.

Households are a flexible and entertaining way to participate in the SCA, although they sometimes famously involve themselves in local group politics and can potentially be divisive. In some branches, it may be regarded as gauche or presumptuous for persons below the rank of peer to head households, but there is in fact no such restriction. In smaller branches, this will usually not be a concern.

Households listed on the MiddleWiki

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