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The Coop contains the apprentices and students of Johann von Metten, there are currently numbers 9 apprentice plus their various students and equerries...

Baroness Gwendolyn MacCattan (geese and chickens)

THL Annalyse the Shepardess (Shetland Sheep)

THL Donmhall OHoran (Shetland Sheep and shearing)

THL Olwen of Buckfast(rabbits)

THL Seanan O'Daire (wildlife and mythical beasts)

student a. Sara Hasenkamp

Lord Wolfgang von Metten (horses and hawks)

Lady Iarina Doilitsin (goats and rabbits and quail)

THL Kiltigern MacClibarn (horses and some chickens)

equerries a. Michael de Quarmby

b. Artimesia de Torino

THL Robert Thorne(pheasantry)

Lady Rosamunde von Metten (chickens and cats)

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