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Kiltigern MacClibarn

I began my time in the SCA as a heavy fighter and loved melees. Over time, I've explored and tried many other aspects of the SCA and am currently most active in equestrian. I've participated in every marshal activity there is and have been exploring many aspects of the Arts and Sciences, including entering A&S competitions.

Kiltigern on Ace
Status:Current Member
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Resides:Unclaimed lands
Or, three dragonflies vert winged sable.



Scottish 1050. As a young Scot, I fought invaders many times over to repel them from the land. Over time, I've returned to the farm near Braco to care for the livestock and raise a few crops. With my favorite horse to ride into battle if I should ever need to, I've traded my swords for an ax and plow.

Offices and positions


Equestrian marshal of Riviere Constelle 2014 -current


King's Equestrian Champion 2012

Equestrian Marshal of Sternfeld 2010 - 2015


I've been improving my kit each year. First a very nice gambazon, then barding, now riding helmet covers in the shape of bycockets. Next up is not yet decided, mostly research at this time

I generally teach at most events I attend or am willing to teach if asked. I tend to marshal many of them, when and where needed. This year 2018 I will be trying out a new horse to see how he does on the games, and trying to train the donkey to at least lead when he is away from home

Classes that I teach
"Mounted Archery" - How to prepare you and your horse for mounted archery
"Desensitizing your horse to the SCA" - How to introduce new sights and sounds to your horse that they are likely to encounter at events
"Buzkashi" - The rules for this middle eastern game played with a (faux) goat carcass
"How to participate in SCA Equestrian without a horse" - How to get to know horse owners and work out ways to barter for horse time and how to explain the SCA games to a modern horse owner with a horse for lease
"How to participate in SCA equestrian without riding" - Ways to help on the equestrian field without actually getting on a horse, all of the key elements that make it a great event.
"Horse and rider communication" - How the riders movements effect the horse and how rider to horse ration can change how a horse moves
"How to make a set of equestrian equipment that is portable and inexpensive" - How to make affordable equipment that can fit in a large trash can for those who need to travel with equipment or can not leave their equipment set up full time.
"Riding helmet covers" - Different ways to cover a riding helmet for different eras and styles. General guidelines given, very few patterns.
"Barding styles and how to make them" - Basic styles of barding with general directions, each set should be custom made for the horse that will be wearing it.
"SCA equestrian activity overview - equipment, rules and scoring" - How each activity/game works, what equipment is needed and how it is score
"What kind of horses are used in the SCA versus the horse used in period" - An overview of the activities we do and which types of horses have the best build for them. Comparisons to period types of horses.
"Introduction to horses 101 - Never even touched a horse? This class is for you!" - This really is for someone who has never even seen a horse close up. We will cover the head to tail, danger points, how to act, how to approach and why horses act the way they do.
"Introduction to horses 102 - Met a horse once and want to get on? This class is for you!" - This class will cover how to mount a horse, basic riding styles and basic tack
"How to ground crew - ways to stay safe when handing off weapons to riders" - Some events are fast paced and have ground crew handing off weapons while it motion, how to stay safe and how to make it easier for every one
"Types of horses in the Middle Ages and how they evolved" Where each type originated, how and why they changed over the years.
"Introduction to illumination" - Basic layout and materials needed, and how to start


Award of Arms 13 Apr, 1996

Order of the White Chamfron 04 Dec, 1999

Award of the Purple Fret 17 Aug, 2013

Order of the White Lance 28 Feb, 2015

Order of the Dragon's Heart 01 Jul, 2017

Order of the EverGreen 03 Feb, 2018


Started the House of the Green Lance along with Matheus MacTavish 2013

Took Michael de Quarmby as my first Equerry 2016 who was made a White Lance in 2017

Took Artimesia de Torino as my Equerry 2016 and after a period of two years ended the mentor ship as agreed upon

Apprenticed to Master Johann von Metten 2016

Member of The Coop

Interests in the SCA

Authorized in 1996
Authorized in almost all styles

Animal Husbandry - training, breeding, raising and maintaining horses and donkeys. Raising and using chickens
Researching equines and how they were used
Researching animal accoutrements and recreating them.
Hand sewing
Wood working as related to equine elements

Target archery

Heavy Fighting
Authorized in 1993
Marshal since 1997
Unbelt Champion team alternate 1998
No longer actively fighting as of 2019

Authorized in 2013

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