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Per saltire sable and azure, in pale a phoenix between two mullets of eight points argent.

Lord Perrin lost his battle with cancer early in 2015. It is a testament to his character that he took on the post of Seneschal of that group and autocratted an event both while battling that horrible disease, he never gave up. He is much missed by those who knew him.



Lord Perrin de Sablé is the third son of a minor noble in Sablé, France. As he had no chance of inheriting and refused to take Holy Orders, Perrin decided to follow his feet. Leaving with only his rapier, daggers, and sense of derring-do, Perrin eventually found his sea legs. Life as a Pirate/Privateer, has given him a sense of purpose and a chance to out do his poor country siblings. As he is a true seafaring man, he has children in a couple of ports. In Ireland you shall find Rhiannon inghean Perrin, who intends on following his in his footsteps, and in England you will find Patch mac Perrin.

Offices & Positions

  • Shire of Eastwatch Chronicler: 2009-2011
  • Shire of Eastwatch Deputy Herald: October 2012 - 2015
  • Shire of Eastwatch Deputy Seneschal: January 2012 - ?
  • Shire of Eastwatch Seneschal: ? - 2015 Succeeded in office by Nial the Wanderer of Bork
  • Rapier Martial-in-training: July 2013 - ?
  • Autocrat: Masque de la Fou - March 2014


Lord Perrin has two children, 14 years and 12 years old, that are highly involved in the S.C.A., both are members of the page school and both have taken an interest in youth combat.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Lord Perrin takes great interest in Illumination and Calligraphy, he also has a fairly steady hand at applying heraldic devices to shields and armor. His true love though is Fencing. He is never happier than with a rapier or dagger in his hands. He has a fair hand at sewing and archery as well.


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