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Dates:Jul 29 to Aug 14, 2011
War Points:East 19, Middle 4
Who won?: East
King and Queen: Arch and Runa K
Prince and Princess: EikBrandr II and Runa II
Mayor: Devon Adair Bartholomy


Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Vlachus Nadasdy 12-Aug-2011 Gold Mace
  • Bjarki Bjornasson 12-Aug-2011 Gold Mace
  • Raymond of the Two Baronies 12-Aug-2011 Dragon's Tooth
  • Heinrich Falkenstein 12-Aug-2011 Dragon's Tooth
  • Seto Gesshuko 12-Aug-2011 Dragon's Tooth
  • Mustafa Al-Hassan Adbualaziz 12-Aug-2011 Dragon's Tooth
  • Rheinhard Wygriff von Graham 12-Aug-2011 Red Company
  • Willhelm Bjorn Futten 12-Aug-2011 Red Company
  • Yukio 12-Aug-2011 Red Company
  • Carol of Saint Carol on the Moor/ Carol Cameron 12-Aug-2011 Award of Arms
  • Runa Kirri 12-Aug-2011 Dragon's Teeth
  • Maddelena della Tavalozza 11-Aug-2011 Pelican
  • Caitlin Stuart 11-Aug-2011 Pelican
  • Seamus ua Murchada 11-Aug-2011 Laurel
  • Robyyan Torr d'Elandris 11-Aug-2011 Pelican
  • Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Heart
  • Petrella von Eifenschlossauf Odra 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Heart
  • Cynthia the Invisible 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Heart
  • Elayne Gwenhlian de Belleme 11-Aug-2011 Grant of Arms
  • Erick der Rotnacken 11-Aug-2011 Grant of Arms
  • Drust Mac Arilith 11-Aug-2011 Grant of Arms
  • Siobhan O'Neill 11-Aug-2011 Grant of Arms
  • Gabriel Carrone 11-Aug-2011 Silver Oak
  • Jahan Ara bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza 11-Aug-2011 Willow
  • Hypathia of Arainn Mhor 11-Aug-2011 Willow
  • Cecil de Tuereleone 11-Aug-2011 Willow
  • Rowan Spiritwalker 11-Aug-2011 Willow
  • Calyvorri ine Kill 11-Aug-2011 Willow
  • Mathildis de'Ath 11-Aug-2011 Purple Fret
  • Arrienne Ashford 11-Aug-2011 Purple Fret
  • Christian Fournier 11-Aug-2011 Purple Fret
  • Savannah of Stonecroft 11-Aug-2011 Purple Fret
  • Thorfinn Frisken 11-Aug-2011 Purple Fret
  • Verena Wirtin Zen Ente 11-Aug-2011 Purple Fret
  • Ximena Ramirez 11-Aug-2011 Purple Fret
  • Deitrich Bauer 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Tooth
  • Seamus MacBain 11-Aug-2011 Red Company
  • Ulfkell Vikarrson Rodregn 11-Aug-2011 Red Company
  • Azriel le Fey 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Tooth
  • Kharmin Klayote 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Barb
  • Colin MacFinnian 11-Aug-2011 Award of Arms
  • Finnias MacFinnian 11-Aug-2011 Award of Arms
  • Titus Canius 11-Aug-2011 Award of Arms
  • Aine O Connaill 11-Aug-2011 Award of Arms
  • Alaric Drake 11-Aug-2011 Award of Arms
  • Christianna 11-Aug-2011 Award of Arms
  • Brannith Marius 11-Aug-2011 Award of Arms
  • Darkyard, House of 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Teeth
  • Uncle Jack 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Treasure
  • Fighters of Constllatin, North Oaken and all others on the 5th Bridge, 2nd Battle at Pennsic 40 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Teeth
  • Mathias of Redwall 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Treasure
  • Ethan Archer of Beckingham 11-Aug-2011 Dragon's Treasure
  • Sternfeld, Barony of 11-Aug-2011 Purple Fretty
  • Ayreton, Barony of 11-Aug-2011 Grove
  • Krisztian Von Atzinger 11-Aug-2011 Royal Augmentation of Arms
  • Lothair Glenlogan 11-Aug-2011 Royal Augmentation of Arms
  • Alrekr Eiríksson 08-Aug-2011 Gold Mace
  • Peter Grau von Bremen 08-Aug-2011 Bronze Ring
  • Lamorak of Dunsinane 08-Aug-2011 Red Company
  • Christian luuk von brabant 07-Aug-2011 Red Company

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

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