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The Order of March is rarely used outside of Crown Tournament. The Order of March is simply a line of people in rank order based on the Order of Precedence by earliest date of highest ranking award. In the early days of the Kingdom, sometimes Royal Court would be opened by everybody coming in as part of a Grand Procession, in which people lined up and entered court according to their position in the Order of March (thus the name).

A common misnomer of the Order of March is that more awards of an equal precedence outweigh one award of the same rank. This is not so, it is always determined by date of highest award. Therefore Lady X, who has a Willow, Purple Fret and Doe's Grace holds the same rank as Lord Y who has just a Purple Fret received on the same day as her earliest award. In cases of conflict, the order the awards were read into court decides who goes first. So if Lord Y received his Purple Fret as the very first piece of business at that court, he outranks Lady X who received her award five minutes later.

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