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The badge of the Middle Kingdom is: Argent, a pale gules, overall a dragon passant vert.

The arms of the kingdom are used only by the king and queen, the Dragon Herald and otherwise to represent the kingdom itself. The arms include a laurel wreath, or for the queen, a wreath of roses. The Crown Prince and Princess use the kingdom arms suitably differenced with a black label.

The badge, however, may be used without special permission in any dignified way by any subject of the Middle. It may be used as part of a heraldic standard, a specialized heraldic flag. It may be worn on a badge on garb or fighting gear.

Care should be taken about using the badge as the major element in heraldic clothing, however. Heraldic tabards of this type are reserved for the senior heralds of the kingdom. Fighting tabards (which don't feature a herald's badge on the sleeves), are reserved for the king's and queen's champions and perhaps other attendants and guards. Use of the badge in 'civilian' clothing, such as a surcoat or cotehardie, is common only among kingdom officers and royalty.

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