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Household Heraldry

Or, a tilting lance bendwise sinister vert
Head of Household:THL Kiltigern MacClibarn and THL Matheus MacTavish
Household Seat:Middle Kingdom
Motto:Draco Eques


The House of the Green Lance is dedicated to teaching and helping others get involved with the equestrian activities.

We strive to teach as often as possible both in classrooms and one on one.

Matheus MacTavish had the idea that a horse based household would be a great way to connect with other equestrians and foster a way to help others learn about the equestrian activities. His lady-wife, Kiltigern put his ideas into action and formed the beginnings of the household. Lady Gwendolyn being the inspiration that equestrian could be fun and not stuffy as well as being the one to drag them to new events in far away lands became the first member and helped finalize the details. Michael de Quarmby and Tulalaith were the next enthusiastic members to join and the others from there. We look for those that want to teach and share knowledge to join the household.

Awarded the Purple Fretty for running activities at the SCA 50th year Celebration


Founding members - THL Kiltigern MacClibarn, THL Mathes MacTavish, THL Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars

THL Michael de Quarmby

Lady Tulalaith

Lady Jennie O'Halferty

Countess Takaya Mereleone

Lady Syntyche

Lady Sophia

Lord Wolfgang von Metten

Lady Eshina

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