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Baroness Poppy at Rose Tournament, 2016
Status:Current Member
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No Arms Located

Also known as "Poppy"



As the wife of Jarl Gunnar RedBoar living in the Trondr pass, Poppy works hard to lead the Hall of Red Hammer. She conducts the mead rites before battle, insures warriors are fed and clothed and defends her hall with her current passion, rapier.

As a founding member of Trothheim, she works with the Jarls and other Jarls-wifs to re-create the Heroic Age.

Offices & Positions

Previous Kingdom Minister of Regalia

Head retainer for Queen AnneLyse I

Chamberlain for Queen AnneLyse II

On staff for King Lutr and Queen Tessa

On staff for King Edmund and Queen Katrine IV

Pennsic Water 1, (2016)

Previous Baronial Historian for the Barony of Flaming Gryphon


In addition to her SCA interests, Baroness Poppy is an avid weight lifter.

She also enjoys throwing eggs at Drengrs of her House. Watch out, she's a wicked good shot!


Baroness Poppy was previously a protege to Master Dafydd Blaidd and is now a Mistress of the Order of the Pelican

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Poppy has been an avid supporter of the heavy list via her water bearing and frequent presence as a list mistress. She served Water point at Pennsic for 5 years including leading as Water 1.

She is currently enjoying learning how to stab others on the rapier list.

She is a noted craftsperson for Norse garb as well as weaving her own trim.

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