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Group:Barony of Ayreton



The Archers of The Barony of Ayreton

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09 Aug, 2012 (A.S. 47)  Award of the Dragon's Flight


A Story of the Companie By Master Dougale MacAlestyr

“That’s great! Do it again.”

The cry of success within the Companie is heard weekly at the Wednesday night practice. That hasn’t always been the way of things. The Companie started from very humble beginnings.

Long ago in days of yore, before there was archery, before there was an Ayreton, I had been an authorized fighter (2003) until I slipped a disc at work. That pretty much ended my fighting and through a few life changes I had faded away from the SCA.

A few years later I found the SCA again in the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea. I started going to some meetings, trying to find a place where I would fit. I looked and found that there wasn’t any archery going on. Or at least none that I could get to reasonably and reliably, if memory serves Liam and Neko-Me had a on again off again practice with the Thieves, which proved difficult as I had just become a city dweller again without a car.

These challenges just made it that much easier to start a practice. There were no rules, no set tradition to follow, and no one around to apologize to when I got it wrong. Just pick a night and go out and shoot. Pretty straightforward, right? Just grab my gear and take the EL out to Archery Custom in Forest Park, IL Rokkehealden. There were a few ladies there that night, having nothing to do with the SCA, just some women shooting together, I kinda felt an outsider but it was promising. I rang up Jane Carlisle the Tall (Jennie) and said, “I think we can make a thing of this”

Jane Carlisle the Tall (Jennie) started coming with me and taking lessons from Ed, he’s no longer there at the Range. This only took a few weeks until she exceeded me, which is pretty great - proud husband moment. And in those few weeks, we got a new shooter. Wolfram von Waldersbach Terryl Fernbach started coming weekly and eventually brought Jamie and a few other friends. We were having so much fun shooting, we started going to dinner on the Strip together. Over time the social aspects blurred the archery aspects and strong friendships developed. Word spread that we had established a practice, one of us should really get out there and be a marshal officially. So, we got to work. . .

This is the foundation of the Companie. A common activity, that knows no hindrance of prejudice, combined with a positive social environment.

Fiction Story by Lord Renzokuken

Last night at Tim and Lesli's we held a short story competition to which I won. Three entries were submitted and according to the wishes of members of the Company of Aryeton Archers and the populace of the Barony, the stories will be posted for everyone to read. And so here is my submission

One day in the fine Barony of Aryeton, Hilary arose from her slumber and opened her bedroom window. Oh what a gorgeous morning, dragon free as it should be.

But little did she know Trogdor, Fire Breather of the North, was hungry and in need of burninating the peasants. Once he started his attack the Baron and Baroness alerted thier finest warriors and archers. Down in the tavern, Aethulwulf let loose his Wulflings, Renzo and Einar. They let loose their entire quivers of arrows but did not hit their mark. But from out of left field, Master Dougale MacAlestyr and his wife, Baroness Jane the Tall, whose beauty is unmatched by any definition, came to assist the battle. ( Storyteller note: Totally not kissing ass grin emoticon:D ) She placed her hand on Dougale's shoulder and said "Shoot him in the brain". And like something out of a John Wu film, Dougale strung up his bow, knocked his arrow, and let loose 34 inches of hard, shafted, death straight into Trogdor's face. The people rejoiced, Renzo's eyes became green as the scales of the dragon, (Ask Einar about this reference) And Dougale and Jane went back to thier Castle Tyderek and lived happily ever after.

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