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Captain Bjarg Kormaksson
Status:Current Member
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Awards:Order of the Gold Mace

Order of the Dragon's Heart
Award of the Purple Fret
Order of the Red Company
Award of Arms


No Arms Located

Bjarg stumbled upon the SCA in the late 1990s and has been participating ever since. He has a passion for both history and martial arts. The SCA has allowed him to merge those things and enjoy them to the fullest. Currently Squired to Syr Logan MacCoinnich

Head of the household Clan MacEoghain since 2012.


Award of Arms - 08 January 2000
Order of the Red Company - 03 April 2004
Award of the Purple Fret - 08 October 2005
Order of the Dragon's Heart - 11 May 2013
Order of the Gold Mace - 13 May 2017

Baronial Awards (Northwoods)
Northern Star for Service
Northern Star for Martial
White Wolf
Order of the Howling Wolf - Premier of the order (29 September 2018) - Highest order one can receive in the Barony of Northwoods.


Bjarg, son of Kormak son of Eoghain (Cormac MacEoghain) after many years of roving with his brothers, traveled far from his homeland of Sweden to Kiev and became a trader along the route from Kiev to Baghdad where he reacquainted himself with the foster daughter of his house, Jahan Ara, the widow of one of his father's stewards, who had traveled south to oversee some land. They were married, have a son Malachy Bjargsson and now split their time between Jahan Ara's estate near Baghdad and Keiv.

Offices, Positions Held, and Service

Current Offices:
Deputy Pentamere Regional Marshal - Armored
Northwoods Knights Marshal

Other Offices held
Local: Canton of Ealdnordwuda- Knight's Marshal many times over 22 years, Seneschal (2 3 year terms),
Baronial:Knight's Marshal (Current), Northwoods Deputy Seneschal (4 years),
Regional: Pentamere Regional Seneschal

Other Positions and Titles

  • Northwoods Baronial Champion, 2009-2011 (3 yrs) Odo & Dulcinea
  • Northwoods Baronial Commander - 9 years - For Baroness Ciara and Baron Angus were Northwoods (The included Shadow Clans, sometimes Iron Wolf, and Pentamere Free Company) 1 1/2 -2 years under Baron Odo & Baroness Dulci until position was retired.
  • Former Archery Marshal of the Field


  • Part of Royal Staff during Count Lucien & Countess Catarina's Reign
  • Event Steward for Squire's Tourney, 2005
  • MIC at Squire's Tourney (multiple times), Event Staff at Ealdnordwuda 12th Night (every three years)

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