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The various crafts and artistic pursuits practiced by members of the SCA.

In point of fact, just about every activity performed in the Society can be described in terms of an art or science.

There are many A&S Venues in which to enter, exhibit or display created works. Regional and Kingdom A&S Competitions are held yearly and are judged against a list of standards, called criteria. A&S Displays typically are non-competitive but are held in some form at most events.

Twice a year the Kingdom hosts a RUM, or Royal University of the Midrealm, a day univeristy featuring a myriad of classes in a vast array of topics. Normally RUMs travel around the kingdom so as to ensure each region gets one every couple of years.

See A&S Venues for other A&S opportunities the Midrealm recognizes and sponsors.

Art vs. Science

A short definition of the difference between what is an art and what is a science is: If it's eaten, worn or decorative, it's an art. If you can hit someone with it or use it for something, it's a science.

For example, decorating leather is an art, making armour is a science. So, a leather tooled forearm armor piece displays both an art (decorative leather tooling) and a science (armour making). In general dance is an art while combat is a science.

In the past the Middle Kingdom kept separate officers for Arts and Sciences, this was joined into the unified office of Minister of Arts and Sciences in the late 1990's.

Types of A&S Activities

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