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Unlike the Craftperson's Faire or laurel Prize Tourney entrants are not required to stay with their items to answer questions. They instead may return at the end of the day and take them home. No criteria is referred to, and no documentation is required. Artisans sit things out on a display table for the populace to enjoy, and may go one enjoying the day as they see fit.

Some displays may be themed with topics like "dragons" or "celebration", usually to coincide with the theme of the event, but all entries are always welcome.

An A&S Display is typically non-competitive, but sometimes a well-meaning autocrat is unclear on the terminology and there might be prizes on whatever judging method they see fit ("best intrepretation of the theme", "best use of the theme color"). Equally sometimes a display is accompanied by a "populace vote" also called a "bean count".

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