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There are three major forms of martial combat exercised in the SCA, each has unique weaponry and equipment.

Actual weapons used outside of martial arts are restricted by the local laws of the state/county/city where any event or practice is taking place.


Heavy Combat Weaponry

Consists mainly of rattan weapons created to resemble all manner of medieval tournament or melee weaponry.

All heavy weapons are created of rattan, strap tape and duct tape, with a few exceptions (pultruded fiberglass for the shafts of spears and rubber axe heads, for example). Regardless of construction, weapons of the same class are considered to perform the same (for example, there is no difference (in our activity) between a Mogul saber and a Roman gladius).

Further information about the construction of and rulse about heavy combat weapons can be found here: MK Marshal's Handbook - Society and Middle Kingdom Weapon Standards

Rapier Combat Weaponry

Target Archery

Combat Archery


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