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A popular type of armored combat tournament.

Traditionally, it is a tournament in which a single combatant holds the field until defeated, and then joins the end of the line to return and challenge the present holder. Winners are generally determined by the overall number of victories.

More recently in the Middle Kingdom, "bear pit" has come to mean any tournament in which numerous fights are occuring simultaneously. Rules can differ, but generally two fighters pair up, take the field and fight a predetermined number of fights, then report to the list table once done. Points are often given to the victor, and sometimes, to the loser (i.e., 2 points for a win, 1 point for a loss. This makes it possible to not win a single fight yet still win the tournament if you finish enough fights, making the bear-pit style a test of endurance).

Bear pits are popular because it provides lots of fighting at once and helps limit the time spent in line waiting to fight.

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